Help Wanted

First aired
May 3, 2016.
Written by
Sam Humphrey
Directed by
Terrance O'Hara
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Help Wanted is the 22nd episode of NCIS: New Orleans Season 2 and also the 45th episode of the entire series.

Summary Edit

A Navy culinary specialist is the target of an explosion while visiting her family's 100-year-old restaurant in the French Quarter. Also, Brody is in D.C. tracking a lead in the previous case.

Major Events Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Despite being credited, Daryl "Chill" Mitchell do not appear.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

Name Portrayed by Role
Dwayne Cassius Pride Scott Bakula Senior Special Agent in charge of the NCIS New Orleans office, NCIS
Christopher LaSalle Lucas Black NCIS Special Agent
Meredith Brody Zoe McLellan NCIS Special Agent
Sonja Percy Shalita Grant Former ATF turned NCIS Special Agent
Sebastian Lund Rob Kerkovich Forensic Specialist, Jefferson Parrish Coroner's office
Loretta Wade C.C.H. Pounder Medical Examiner, Jefferson Parrish Coroner's office

Guest Edit

Name Portrayed by Role
John Russo Ivan Sergei Homeland Security Agent
Blake Jarrett Skipp Sudduth
Elaine Jarrett Molly Hagan
Anthony Flanders Tom Schanley
Danielle Jarrett Melanie Merkosky Navy Culinary Specialist
JJ Taylor Dave Davis
David Estes David Alexander Navy Captain
Walker Alex Collins FBI Agent

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